Friday, April 17, 2009

Change your TV and change your life?

I recently saw this ad by the Sharp Company and it really got me to thinking. Is life so simple that I could literally change my life by just getting a new TV? Wow that is indeed amazing! Sharp to their credit does not say that your life will change for the better or for the worse. They only say it will change.

Okay Sharp! Last weekend I took your advice and purchased a 19 inch TV to replace the 21 year old unit in our bedroom. Sure, I am too cheap and watch too little TV to have cable in this room but I did nonetheless make the change.

A full week has gone by and for some reason I do not feel any different. I did have really strange sensation a few days ago but it turned out to be a cramp in my foot. I weighed this morning hoping perhaps to see a change there and unfortunately I am still fat. I looked in the mirror to see if perhaps I was somehow better looking and darn it no change there either. Oh well.

Just last night my son was on a phone talking to a friend about TV. I heard him say, “You have a TV in your room? Lucky! My dad says I can never have one in my room.” I was left to imagine the comment that followed by the person he was speaking with. Next to his credit my son was able to explain why. “My dad says when he was a kid he had a TV, phone, and video games in his room. There was never a reason to leave the room and never a reason to interact with the rest of the family as a result. That is why he wants the TV time and the game time to be something we do together”

That’s right son. I have changed my TV (habits at least) and changed my life by finally getting off my butt some 20 years ago and getting outside to exercise and enjoy my life.

Change your TV to OFF and you will indeed change your life.

What about you? Do your kids have TV's in their rooms? Am I nuts here? Share your thoughts.


  1. You are an intentional nut of a father who will always enjoy a great relationship with your son. Keep on being nutty!

    Oh, and fat? No way!

  2. Indeed a good post. I actually read it aloud to my husband. I recently bought a new camera and constantly drag him out of beautiful days to go do things with me. We are newly weds and nothing bothers me more than other offer of quality time followed by "What movie do you want to watch?"

    I remember being frustrated as a kid because my parents always were in front of the TV and my brother always glued to video games. So I make every effort to not be like that!

    I think you doing great as a parent! I've read several of your posts and have yet to disagree with anything you have said or done. :)

  3. David, I only hope to raise Spenser as well as you and Michelle have done with Connor. Keep it up and I'll keep checking back for good advice!

    (Tell Michelle I said hi)

  4. Had you bought the 48" LCD HD TV...It would have changed your life. My son has a TV in his room (Ok, I am a bad father) that the whole family play WII on...and WII Fit. There are usually 5-10 kids in his room playing as well. I haven't noticed any social or physical deficits in his life up to this point.

    I enjoyed reading your post.

  5. Thanks for the comment Dusty. It does sound like you have an exciting life there at your house. I checked out your blog as well and it looks great.

  6. No tv in our boys rooms either...but we do have a computer w/o internet access so they can play games.